Cell Phone Accessories


Many mainstream cell phones and cell phone accessories simply aren’t loud enough or clear enough for people with hearing loss. And if you wear hearing aids, you know just how frustrating it can be to try and make phone calls in a noisy environment, because your hearing aids are amplifying the noise around you. We carry a variety of cell phone accessories that work with virtually all cell phones and will help make your conversations enjoyable again.

Cell Phone Signalers If you have difficulty hearing when you get a call or text message, we carry a variety of cell phone signalers that will alert you to your calls and messages by flashing a light or amplifying the sound.

Neckloops and Silhouettes These are specifically designed for people who have telecoil-equipped hearing aids. They work by generating an electromagnetic signal that allows you to hear the conversation directly through your hearing aids, while cutting out the background noise around you. Both neckloops and silhouettes tend to work well for most people, but if you have an “automatic” telecoil you may find that silhouettes work better for you.

Bluetooth ® If you have a Bluetooth®-enabled cell phone, make sure to look for this handy Bluetooth® icon. Accessories with this icon can connect to your cell phone wirelessly!

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