TV Listening Devices


How do they work?

TV listening systems allow you to listen to the TV at a volume that’s comfortable without disturbing anyone else in the room! They consist of two main parts—a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter connects to your TV and transmits wirelessly to the receiver worn by the listener.

Technology Choices

Radio Frequency (RF) systems transmit sound through radio waves and have a range of 100-300+ feet. The main benefit to these systems is that their signal can travel through walls and ceilings, so you can hear the TV no matter what room you’re in!

Infrared (IR) systems transmit sound through infrared light. These systems tend to be less expensive than RF systems, but have a limited range since their signal cannot travel through walls.

Loop systems allow those with telecoil equipped hearing aids to enjoy watching TV through the comfort of their own hearing aid(s), without needing to wear a separate receiver!

Bluetooth® systems have a range of up to 30 ft, and can be used for cell phone calls as well as listening to the TV

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